Thursday, March 20, 2008

Better Connecticut

Spread The News!

The CT Etsy Street Team is going to be featured on the TV Show "Better Connecticut" Tomorrow morning at 10:00 am. Check it out and help support the Artisans.

We are hoping with this feature we will get more publicity to our stores and to Etsy
I know many of my fellow artisans have great work to sell. Take a look at she has some great stuff.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Windy Evening

Well it was one crazy evening last night. We had winds at 60 mph here in Connecticut. It was crazy. I was so freaked out. At one point in time the wind got so loud that it sounded like an airplane was diving low on the house. I actually ducked down on the couch because I thought the windows where going to blow in. The lights flickered on and off, and I could hear branches hitting the roof. This just went on all night. I was thankful I did not loose power.

This morning I got up to go outside and take in any damage. The only somewhat major problem I could find was a large branch came down and landed on the cable wire. So that is going to take some clean-up. Thank goodness my other half came home this morning from his Snowboarding trip to Utah.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Frustration Sets In!

So I have had my online store on, set up for just over a month now, and I still have not received a sale. I have to a kind of cross road with my jewelry trying to decide what to do. On one hand I so enjoy making my jewelry, but on the other hand the frustration sets in when I am not selling anything. So the question I ask myself is how am I going to support my habit? I cannot keep creating jewelry and just let it pile up, or keep spending more money on supplies when nothing is coming in return. I get complements on my jewelry all the time, and the girls at work just eat it up when I bring it in. So I am not sure where my problem lies. What should I do? Can anyone help me with some answers?

So where do I go from here. I have only signed up for two craft fairs so far this year, plus I have a consignment space for a month as well. These all take place during April and May. So I hope these will guide me in what direction I should take. I really do not want to give up may jewelry. Someday I would like to own my own business, either it be my jewelry or owning a cute boutique that sells handcrafted items that I could include my pieces as well. I guess I need to stay on target for that goal.

I know my thoughts are all over the place, but this is how I am feeling inside. I just want a clear answer. But this is life, and that does not always happen. If you are reading this, please post me your thoughts on what I should do.

Thanks for letting me vent.

Monday, March 3, 2008


Hi All, it is Craftastic time. Please go and check out some of the great artist on the CT Etsy Street Team. You will not be disappointed.