Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Frustration Sets In!

So I have had my online store on www.etsy.com, www.colorscapedesigns.com set up for just over a month now, and I still have not received a sale. I have to a kind of cross road with my jewelry trying to decide what to do. On one hand I so enjoy making my jewelry, but on the other hand the frustration sets in when I am not selling anything. So the question I ask myself is how am I going to support my habit? I cannot keep creating jewelry and just let it pile up, or keep spending more money on supplies when nothing is coming in return. I get complements on my jewelry all the time, and the girls at work just eat it up when I bring it in. So I am not sure where my problem lies. What should I do? Can anyone help me with some answers?

So where do I go from here. I have only signed up for two craft fairs so far this year, plus I have a consignment space for a month as well. These all take place during April and May. So I hope these will guide me in what direction I should take. I really do not want to give up may jewelry. Someday I would like to own my own business, either it be my jewelry or owning a cute boutique that sells handcrafted items that I could include my pieces as well. I guess I need to stay on target for that goal.

I know my thoughts are all over the place, but this is how I am feeling inside. I just want a clear answer. But this is life, and that does not always happen. If you are reading this, please post me your thoughts on what I should do.

Thanks for letting me vent.


Walk in the Woods said...

Better to vent than to explode. :)

You recognize that your "thoughts are all over the place" and add this is how you feel "inside." Well then, change how you feel. I don't mean to sound flippant, but for me, this is a truth. I often remind folks, "as within, so without." For me, it is a guiding principle.


You also say, "I just want a clear answer." And I say, "ask for one." You add, "But this is life, and that does not always happen." And I say, "id does, if you choose it."

Again, I don't mean to sound flippant, for these are *truly* ideals that guide my life. And while my life may not be "ideal" I love it!

Colorscapedesigns said...

Thank you for your wisdom!